Our edibles are infused with sun-grown cannabis produced on organic, California family farms. We understand the benefits of maintaining a balance with the natural environment in order to keep our land productive for generations.


Non-dairy hemp milk is the base for our infusion


We source organic products whenever available

Lab Tested

We lab test every batch for quality and consistency


Waska is expertly engineered to perfectly mesh flavor and function


All Waska products are free of GMO's

Made with Love

From the very beginning

Waska Hemp Milk Cannabis Drinks
Waska Hemp Milk Cannabis Drinks
Waska Hemp Milk Cannabis Drinks
Waska Hemp Milk Cannabis Drinks

Lab Testing

We lab test every batch of our cannabis-infused drinks to ensure quality and consistency. Not only that, but Waska is certified by both of California's most trusted laboratories, CW Analytical and Steep Hill Halent.

Chocowaska is CW Analytical Certified   Chocowaska is Steep Hill Halent Certified

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Cannabinoid Activation

We want Waska to be a great experience for every patient. It can take 30-90 minutes for cannabis infused products to take effect and even longer for them to reach their maximum strength.

Start slowly and find what serving size works best for you. Some people can feel the effects of as little as a capful of Waska, others may need an entire bottle.

Patients looking for a non-psychoactive dose of cannabis should try our high-CBD Waska.

Have a question or need more information?

Email us at info@chocowaska.com - We respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.